Seattleā€™s Pacific Fishermen shipyard recently completed modifications to a fourth fishing vessel to upgrade the propulsion shaft bearings. The introduction of the roller bearings requiring only periodic grease intervals has helped to solve the bearing maintenance problems that have plagued the industry. Pacific Fishermen has installed the split roller bearings from two prominent manufacturers, Cooperof Norfolk, England on the F/V STARFISH and F/V MARGUN and Craft from Virginia on the F/V ADVENTURE and F/V POSEIDON.

The F/V ADVENTURE was originally built by Pacific Fishermen, Inc. in 1970 with traditional poured lead babbitt propulsion line shaft bearings. Excessive wear and eventual separation of the babbitt sleeve has been a continuing problem in the industry. Various attempts at lubrication, from auto pumping grease guns to continuous drip oil reservoirs have eventually failed causing down time, high lubricating oil bills and oil over the side. Roller bearings have solved all these problems.


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