Pacific Fishermen: a full service shipyard

Located on the Lake Washington Ship Canal Locks in Ballard

Pacific Fishermen shipyard consists of three haul out facilities and docks on the freshwater side of the ship canal locks. A 100’ x 200 ton marine railway, 160′ x 600 ton marine railway and the original Rowe 145′ x 600 ton screw lift dock with 140’ covered end track rails provide for extended out of the water repairs on dry land. All three facilities are equipped for hull cleaning, high pressure washing and sandblasting with full environmental containment and on‐site shipyard run‐off rainwater reprocessing.

A few more details about our facilities:

Dry Dock
Overall Length
Inside width
Max Draft
Capacity in Tons
#1 Ways
70 feet
24 feet
12.5 feet
150 T
#2 Ways
146 feet
38 feet
13 feet
600 T
#3 Screwlift
160 feet
36 feet
12.5 feet
600 T
#4 Sidetrack
160 feet
36 feet
600 T

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