Seattle’s Pacific Fishermen, Inc. recent upturn in small passenger vessel, yacht and tug repair activity has prompted the following facility upgrades:

•Acquired a Cincinnati 18” radial drill with 8’ diameter outreach from the Bird Johnson Propeller
Division of Rolls Royce Marine, keeping the larger machine capability in the Pacific Northwest at
Pacific Fishermen as they relocated their Seattle operations to Mississippi.•Lengthened the marine railway dry dock capacity with containment for vessels to 160’.•Upgraded the high-pressure wash water re-circulating system to filter and recycle.

•Added two Port Engineer’s offices for vessel support while under repair.

•Purchased two additional 40’ telescoping man-lifts to cut staging costs.

•Purchased two Victor VCM200 track burning machines for precision cutting.

•Purchased two additional Seattle Pump high pressure washers.

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