Seattle’s Pacific Fishermen, Inc. shipyard has formed a marketing alliance with IWTNA International Water Treatment of North America for sales and installation of ELYSATOR water treatment without chemicals. The ELYSATOR water treatment equipment solves the age old problem of removing harmful corrosion causing impurities in fresh water systems without the use of chemical additives. First application by Pacific Fishermen, Inc. shipyard of the environmentally correct ELYSATOR was dual model 10 units onboard The Boat Company’s passenger excursion yacht M/V MIST COVE for the vessel’s twin Cleveland diesel engines and refrigeration cooling circuits.


Pacific Fishermen, Inc. is working closely withthe North American representatives Arne Vestad and Gary Dietz of IWTNA for applications ranging from engines to refrigeration condensers and boiler water treatment. The installation on the M/V MIST COVE required no additional pumps, as a branch circuit was already present off the keel coolers for the engine cooling circuit to the refrigeration condensers. No electrical input is required for the passive compact, self-contained ELYSATOR units. The units, with no moving parts, use cyclonic action and Swiss designed, Norwegian manufactured passive magnesium anodes for water treatment without chemicals.

For more information, contact Pacific Fishermen’s ship’s chandlery Store Manager Tim Dow (cell 206-356-8165), Shipyard Superintendent Tom Harbin (cell 206-730-0569), General Manager Doug Dixon (cell 206-718-0253) or Elysator direct at

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