Seattle’s Pacific Fishermen, Inc. shipyard recently purchased a Hobie Mirage Tandem Kayak for under dock inspections and waterfront clean-up. Situated at the downstream end of the Lake Washington Ship Canal, the shipyard is the receiver of significant flotsam and jetsam. The Hobie Mirage Tandem Kayak will be a great aid in clean-up and allow for close-up inspections and hard to reach repairs to under dock piping and supports.

Pacific Fishermen’s employees and board members will be impressed to serve onboard for clean-up, one hour per month at company expense. An added benefit is physical conditioning using the Hobie Kayak’s patented dual propulsion system of paddles and super quiet MirageDrive pedals with penguin style fins. The Pacific Fishermen Hobie Kayak is also available for employee use after hours for additional conditioning or family enjoyment. Paddling the glass smooth Ship Canal at the break of dawn is a most enjoyable way to start the day.


Pacific Fishermen’s General Manager Doug Dixon launched the Hobie Kayak idea after exhibiting in the Northwest Yacht Broker’s Association Boat’s Afloat Show and seeing the Hobie Kayak in action. Doug Dixon’s relationship with Hobie equipment goes back over 30 years, sailing to Catalina Island from the Malibu Yacht Club on a Hobie 16 Catamaran. Pacific Fishermen Shipyard also regularly supports the Seattle Maritime Business Coalition’s annual canal clean-up with larger vessels and can now add the Hobie Kayak to the fleet.

For more information on the line of Hobie Kayaks, contact Edd Hajek at Ballard Inflatable Boats “Kayaks Seattle”, in Ballard, one block east of the Government Locks. 2611 Market St., Seattle, WA 98107 Telephone: 206 782-6104 email:

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