Arne Einmo, President of the Board of Directors of Pacific Fishermen, Inc. Seattle, WA has announced that Doug Dixon has joined the team as General Manager and Shipyard Director. Mr. Dixon has been an active ship surveyor and licensed Naval Architect and Marine Engineer P.E. in the State of Washington. A 1974 graduate of the University of Michigan, Mr. Dixon brings 30 years of experience in the marine marketplace to Pacific Fishermen’s shipyard. Capabilities include repair, maintenance and major conversion of vessels including tugboats, passenger cruise, charter boats and yachts as well as the traditional fishing vessels.

Pacific Fishermen was originally conceived as a fishermen’s cooperative shipyard after WWII on the site of the old Ballard Marine Ways, famous for minesweepers later named CALYPSO by Jacques Cousteau and WILD GOOSE by John Wayne. The yard was subsequently incorporated in 1946 and has been providing shipyard services including the new construction of wooden 36’ launches for U.S.C.&G. (NOAA) R/V SURVEYOR and 54’ to 58’ Ed Monk designed wooden seiners such as NORTHERN LIGHT II (CINNAMON GIRL), CAPE FALCON, MARY D and JERILYN.

In the 1970’s a series of Ben Jensen designed steel crab vessels were built in partnership with Flohr Metal Fabrication including the 86’ F/V SEA ERN, TEMPEST, SHELLFISH, VIKING QUEEN, TEEJIN, AMATULI, DAUNTLESS, TUGIDAK, TUXEDNI, and VALIANT. A series of whaleback house forward designs by Jensen followed including the 92’ F/V SEAVIEW, CONFIDENCE, ENDEAVOR, RESOLUTION, ADVENTURE and DISCOVERY (ELIZABETH F). Other major accomplishments include acquisition of the assets of Rowe Machine Works in 1985 including all deck machinery plans and patterns with adjacent machine shop and lift dock.

Today, three haul out facilities and docks on the fresh water side of the ship canal locks include a 90’ x 150 ton railway, 160′ x 600 ton railway and the original Rowe 145′ x 600 ton screw lift dock with added 140’ end track rails for extended out of the water repairs on dry land. All three facilities are equipped for hull cleaning, pressure washing and sandblast with full environmental containment and on-site shipyard run-off wastewater reprocessing. Extensive heavy steel fabrication, piping, wood joinery and full service machine shop give the vessel owner access to a one-stop repair and maintenance facility. Machine shop facilities include (11) horizontal and (1) vertical turret lathes, (2) horizontal and (2) vertical line boring mills, (2) radial drills, fixed and portable key seaters and a shaper.

Satisfied repeat customers for repairs, maintenance and modifications are a key element to Pacific Fishermen Shipyard’s continued success. A strong tradition of high quality dockside repairs is maintained. The capability is available for rapid start of off-site work using a City of Seattle roving pre-approved fire permit for onboard welding and hot work. Pacific Fishermen provides the required SCP (Shipyard Competent Person) in responsible charge for fire safety and confined space entry to assure vessel owners that off-site jobs are conducted safely. Pacific Fishermen’s low administrative overhead allows its customers to take advantage of a skilled union workforce at competitive rates. The result is vessel operators that are the most competitive in their field with well-maintained and sound equipment.

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