Pacific Fishermen 2019 Port of Seattle Environmental Excellence Award

Pacific Fishermen Shipyard has implemented multiple practices to reduce its impact on the environment:

  • Installed a 7.9 kW Solar photovoltaic array on the roof of one of the shipyard buildings, offsetting 316 pounds of carbon dioxide annually
  • Installed a high efficiency boiler system and high efficiency air compressor to help conserve energy
  • Stormwater filtration system results in water with less copper than drinking water going back into the Puget Sound
  • Reduction of waste and increase the use of non-toxic paints, thinners, and cleaning solvents
  • Environmentally friendly sand blast booth and paint booth helps contain fugitive dust created through sandblasting and volatile chemicals that are released during painting operations
  • Use of re-useable steel grit in lieu of one time use sand that required disposal in a land fill

These sustainable measures have made a difference for Pacific Fishermen’s business, both economically and environmentally.

“We make our living off of the fishing industry, so we have to make choices that keep it strong,” he said. “We need to give fish an environment where they can thrive. Anything we can do when it comes to reducing our carbon footprint and reducing ocean acidification is important.”