Jigsaw puzzle from Ballard Snoose Junction photographer Roger A. Knoph

From Roger: 

Weeks ago I floated the idea of a Snoose Junction jigsaw puzzle, and the response was great. But I have never published one before. Fortunately Doug Dixon, whose company owns the Pacific Fisherman’s Shipyard where the photo was taken, wanted to publish it. I loved the idea.

I took a new photo which included more of the incredible historical collection at the shipyard, including the Zesto neon sign! Doug worked on getting a great deal on the puzzles.Here is the result:

1000 piece puzzles will be available for $18.99 and $5 of that will go to the Ballard Food Bank. They won’t be here until some time in January but we’ll have post cards available for those who want something to show under the Christmas tree or equivalent. I’ll publish ordering information tomorrow but could not wait to get you all excited!

And here is what it looks like!